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We take all our dogs here, and they are the best! Dr. Pat is full of (sometimes bluntly stated) country wisdom and truly loves animals. The other vets in the practice have obviously been well mentored by him, and display the same common sense and love for their work. The waiting room always has a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with clients chatting to each other about their pets. The prices are extremely reasonable, and that is getting harder to find in this day and age! It is in a beautiful setting, too, always fun to see what is blooming or watch the lovely white swan on the pond. Kudos to Dr. Pat and all his staff. We love you guys!

Brant Jamison


Pat and Tasha have been their for my fur babies for 11 years now. They have kept my 13 year old Rottweiler living and even tended to my goats. Lets not forget the cat that was allergic to frontline that had to be rushed to the vet on labor day! Dr. Pat and Tasha have gone above and beyond to do everything they can for us and our animals! We even had a guinea pig we took to them. I would recommend this vet, even if they are not accepting patients, keep trying, you won’t find a more experienced and caring group of People!

Monica Hoot


Due to an emergency we were in town, from out of state, to visit in-laws. We needed a prescription filled. They worked with our vet and they quickly filled our prescription. We had used them on another incident and had the same professional, yet caring service!

John Klear


I always go to Pondview! They do an EXCELLENT job taking care of my animals. They have many many years of experience and several different vets with various educations and experiences, giving them a greater ability to diagnose your pet accurately. They adore their patients. They listen to their clients. They act quickly in emergencies. Such a great veterinary clinic! We are so blessed to have them!

Cara Aeschliman


Such a friendly and professional atmosphere. Pondview staff explains your animals injuries, sickness, hurts in simple language.They try the less expensive route if possible. My animals get the best care. I respect the knowledge of my doctors, techs and all staff at Pondview. Pondview is an amazing place to be a part of.

Becky Sickmiller


My experiences that my dog, Iris, had, are all good. From the time she was a puppy, 7 weeks old, and another vet told me she had “PARVO” and would die, I called my rescue group to tell them what the vet said, she said, ‘give her back to me’, I am taking her to my Vet in Archbold. The next morning I called and spoke to Dr Pat, and he gave me the good news, ‘Iris does not, have Parvo” Just a Gastro thingy. 🙂

So from that moment on, I drive the 105 minutes to Archbold, from Toledo, to take my baby to the BEST, Pondview, in the care of DR’s Pat and Tasha.

And I would not have it any other way,
Thank you Pondview, we love you!

Susan Henne

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