About Us

Pondview is located in Archbold, Ohio, and offers a full-service veterinary clinic in a hometown setting. You can learn more about us below!

Our Story

Pondview Veterinary Clinic was founded in June of 1990 by Dr. Patrick Dougherty. Through years of dedication and care, Dr. Pat made Pondview what it is today; an exceptional veterinary clinic where we treat your pets like our own. Although Dr. Pat retired in January of 2019, the mission of Pondview Veterinary Clinic is still the same. Dr. Pat’s successor, Dr. Tasha Small, has the same outlook on veterinary medicine, and our caring and compassionate staff strives to give your pet the personalized care it deserves.

Pondview is located in Archbold, Ohio, and offers a full-service veterinary clinic in a hometown setting. Although most patients visiting Pondview are small animal species, Pondview offers care to large animals and exotic species. Pondview provides its clients with a newly remodeled facility as well as state-of-the-art equipment and service. Pondview has three full-time veterinarians and superior support staff. At Pondview, we treat your pets as if they were our own, and we always strive to provide a level of service and care you can feel comfortable with.

Meet Our Clinic Cats

Gizmo, our eldest, is a Rag Doll that was born on June 16th, 2010. He has been a resident at PVC since July of 2014 when he was surrendered due to urinary issues. It didn’t take long for Gizmo to become acquainted and think he is the king of the castle. Some of his favorite activities include snacking, napping, and hanging out in the lobby with clients. Gizmo can sometimes be found harassing some of the staff members for additional snacks.

Cora was born in August 2018. She has been a resident at PVC since November 2018. She came to us due to a left eye injury and decided that she liked us enough to stay forever. Some of Cora’s favorite activities include lying in the windows, chasing her string toys, and napping. Although she’s a little nervous, she can sometimes be found hanging out in the lobby with clients or in the reception area.

Freya, our youngest clinic cat, was born on March 9, 2022. She is not only a Ragdoll, but she is related to our handsome, Gizmo. She is more active and feisty than Gizmo but just as beautiful! She enjoys running through the halls as well as lounging in the reception area. Like most young cats, she has her active times and her nap times! As of now, she is not as treat-driven as Gizmo.

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